Dual enrollment offers college credit for Eagles

Madelyn Reed, Editor in Chief

If you know that you want to go to college and want to save some money, then you should look into dual enrollment, or college in high school classes here at Dover. Dual enrollment and college in high school is a program for students to utilize to get ahead in their college credits and help to get their general education credits out of the way for a much cheaper price.

Dover offers two different college in high school classes – English 101/English 102 and Introduction to American Government – which both offer college credits to students for a much lower tuition price. Each of these classes give students a chance to earn three college credits per class while also earning a high school credit that could be used toward your graduation requirements. The tuition is $225 per course which comes down to only $75 per credit.

Dover also offers the chance for students to participate in dual enrollment, which differs from college in high school credits. Dual enrollment is typically taught by college professors that are employed at the college you are enrolled in, whereas college in high school classes at Dover are taught by Dover teachers that have met the qualifications to teach the course. 

Dover partners in dual enrollment with Harrisburg Area Community College, Mansfield University, Penn State York, and York College, however, the cheapest option is through Mansfield University. The list of dual enrollment classes offered is different for each semester and at each college, but most classes that you are looking for will be offered by at least one of the four colleges that Dover partners with.

Mrs. Jamie Brandstater, college in high school English teacher says, “The College in the High School classes are a great opportunity to save money, prepare yourself for college, and actually get ahead (…) Earning college credits while you are still in high school allows you to go into college with higher status (sometimes as a second semester freshman or even a sophomore) and that comes with the perks of access to more classes in your major, sometimes the ability to have a car on campus, and sometimes access to priority scheduling and housing selection.”

In addition to all of these benefits, Mansfield’s classes will be tuition free for any Pennsylvania students participating in the early start program, so that makes Dover students eligible for free tuition while taking dual enrollment classes at Mansfield University.