Finally Returning To Normal

Maximus Cruz, Staff Writer

In the midst of this Covid pandemic, Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf is finally lifting a lot of the restrictions. On Tuesday, Wolf said that he wanted to loosen the indor capacity limit to 50% and the outdoor limits to 70%. Although the capacity limits are lifting and changing, the mask mandate will still be in place until at least 70% of adults in Pennsylvania are fully vaccinated. As of now, that number is at only 45.6%. It is a great idea for governors to start to lift restrictions in my opinion. We have been in this pandemic for over a year now with little-to-no change. 

In the beginning of the pandemic, everyone was scared and didn’t want to leave their house. But now since there is a vaccine available that is proven to help fight Covid, people are starting to let their guard down and care less about the pandemic. A lot of people don’t believe in the masks, and believe that Covid is some kind of test the government is trying to pull on us. Dover High School senior Alyson Huey says, “I’m so over the masks, and I am so excited for the pandemic to be over.” Again, now that there is a vaccine and people are getting vaccinated, it is time we finally start getting back to the life we had before Covid. Covid is a lot less dangerous and it is finally time to get back to normal.