Class of 2021 Graduation Update

Rylee Presswood, Staff Writer

Before the class of 2021’s graduation was going to be held as two separate ceremonies, but now due to change of circumstances, the seniors are getting one graduation all together. The most major change that is occurring is the one ceremony instead of two separate and the change in the amount of tickets that each senior can receive.

The changes to graduation have been well-received as there were people not happy with the two separate ceremonies. Senior class advisor Melody Reed says, “It was us trying to make the best out of a rotten situation.”

The date of graduation is still Saturday, June 5. The graduation is being held at 9 a.m., but graduates must arrive 45 minutes early.

The graduates were originally only allowed four tickets, but now they are allowed six tickets. However, if the weather is bad, the ceremony will be indoors, which will unfortunately only allow two tickets for each graduate. Reed says, “I think the fact that we are able to have more than two tickets is great. After seeing possible alternatives this is great.”

Teachers also think that this change for graduation is a good idea and are looking forward to the day as well as the graduates. Senior class advisor Teri Marlowe says, “We’re trying to be as normal as humanly possible.” Although the limits are still not ideal, these changes have helped to create a more normal graduation experience.