Lacrosse-Lover Paules Signs with Waynesburg

Rylee Presswood, Staff Writer

Senior Makayla Paules plays defense and goalie on the lacrosse team and has committed to attending Waynesburg University to continue playing lacrosse.

Paules states, “I first started playing lacrosse when I was in 3rd grade.” Her friend asked her to attend an open gym, where she fell in love with the sport. Waynesburg University is a Division III college, and she believes it will be a good fit for her.

Paules decided to continue lacrosse in college because of her remaining love for the sport, even after many years. She added that there were times that she did not want to continue playing, times when her team did not have enough players, so she had to find another team to play on. There were also times where she almost did not continue playing because of coaches, but she was still able to continue working hard and playing.

This week is her final week of playing lacrosse in high school. She is sad to say goodbye to the girls that she has been playing with but is excited to grow close to the new team that she will be joining. Paules says, “This season had also been crazy because of COVID, there were weeks where we thought we would for sure get shut down, but luckily we didn’t.” She is very grateful for playing in her senior year of lacrosse, and is happy it all worked out before college.