Plaza Azteca Brings New Flavors to York

Kendall Swift, Staff Writer

Plaza Azteca is a new vibrant Mexican restaurant that took the place of Logan’s Roadhouse in early 2021. Because there are no other nearby locations of the chain, the location on York Crossing Drive has become very popular for local residents.

The first thing I noticed upon entering the restaurant was the interior. Although nothing was changed drastically, it was still enough to set itself apart from Logan’s Roadhouse. The interior was a lot more refined, with gray tones replacing the country theme of the previous restaurant. It was rather busy inside, but staff did a good job keeping up with the amount of customers. 

The menu was very expansive and had eight pages worth of choices. Options ranged from chimichangas to fried rice to steaks. I also noticed that the menu had many options for those with dietary restrictions. For example, there was a large section of food that was specifically vegetarian and vegan. This was a nice addition to the menu because many restaurants are not as accommodating. I ordered the baja fish tacos, which are described as beer battered fish with tangy citrus slaw and spicy garlic-lime sauce. My order came with three tacos, rice and black beans. I chose not to have the beans due to personal preference. However, everything else was very satisfactory. I loved the mix of the slaw and the sauce. The rice was very flavorful.

In addition, the portions were very large and although my meal was slightly pricey, it was worth it for the amount of food I got. Overall, it was a very good experience and I would definitely return and recommend Plaza Azteca. In the future, I would love to try their appetizers and more of their entree options. For my first visit, I was very impressed.