Dover Students Compete in Statewide Competition

Kendall Swift, Staff Writer

Junior Hailie Miller and senior Keegan Fobes recently competed in the PennDOT (Pennsylvania Department of Transportation) Innovations Project. The Innovations Project was a challenge to Pennsylvania high school students to find a creative way to raise five billion dollars. 

Miller and Fobes created a three-step plan that raised 108 million dollars through a round-up charity, registration price change, and a sustainable energy leasing program. First, the pair sent in a 750 word essay to be able to qualify for districts. In late February, they won the district competition and were able to progress to the statewide competition. The statewide competition was April 22nd via Zoom call. On the call, they presented their plan to the secretary of PennDOT, a group of engineers, and many other high-ranking PennDOT employees. Fobes says, “we knew that this was our best presentation yet— so no matter what, we felt we gave it our best shot, which is all that matters in the end.”

They first got involved with the project through an AP Economics class, where they were offered extra credit for completion of the project. They worked together to come up with ideas to present to PennDOT and spent time at least once a week practicing. To prepare for the statewide competition, they fine-tuned their presentation and even made t-shirts for their charity, Round-Up for Roads. Miller says she was excited to work with PennDOT because “They are such a big part of our everyday lives. It is very interesting to be a part of this competition since it has a widespread media coverage and a lot of people know who PennDOT is and what they do, at least at the most basic level.”

Fobes added, “It’s definitely not something I’ve ever done before […] It’s crazy to think that we worked with and shared our ideas with the people in charge of a part of an entire state’s infrastructure.”