Money CAN buy happiness

Maximus Cruz, Staff Writer

People always want to say that money can’t buy you happiness, but I completely disagree with them. When I’m sad and I want to feel better, I buy things that make me happy and, just like that, I’m not sad anymore. An argument some people might make is that the things you buy are just temporary, and not real signs of happiness. But that’s ridiculous to me, because although some things might not keep you happy for long, you can buy something else that makes you happy.

If you’re someone who does not have a lot of money, and doesn’t have a very good house or car, and you win the lottery, you’re going to be beyond happy because you can finally afford a better house, a better car, and possibly have a much better life than before, just because you bought what made you happy. Even if you can’t buy something tangible that could make you happy, you pay for a therapist, right? So you’re paying someone to help you and make you happy. Or, how about the fact that you pay to get into the colleges that you want? You pay for these expensive colleges to further your life and to get the job you want so you can succeed in life. But with no money, you can’t do that. Money is the main reason why a lot of people are happy in life. So the argument that money doesn’t buy you happiness is completely irrelevant, and isn’t even an argument anymore.