Tennis team wraps up season

Rylee Presswood, Staff Writer

The boys’ tennis team has come a long way since the beginning of the season under the leadership of team captains for this season seniors Ian Miller, Tyler Vaden and Dylan Shupe. 

Head Coach Andrew Becker says, “I hope that the underclassmen: Xander Eisenhour, Adam Ross, Carlos Sanchez, Garrett Hicks, Noah Taylor, and Devin Warehime will continue to improve and form a strong nucleus for next year’s team.” Eisenhower says that the team’s teamwork and dedication were some of the strengths throughout the season. Sanchez also added that the team showed strength in always staying positive and noted that the team always tried to do their best in all of their matches.

The boy’s tennis team has not won any of their matches this season, but Becker said, “While everyone has shown improvement in their game, strategies, and tactics this has not translated into wins this season.” Eisenhour stated that one specific thing that the boy’s tennis team could improve on for next year is their backhands. 

Lastly, Eisenhour says, “I think with a lot of hard work and determination can lead to more improvements.” Hopefully, next season the boy’s tennis team will see more improvements in their games and win more matches in their next upcoming season.