NBA needs reform

Jordan Stewart, Staff writer

The NBA needs a schedule change. I think the NBA should make their schedule shorter because right now the NBA season is 72 games long. It is hard to sit down and watch every single game of that season because it is a lot of games. It would also benefit the players because with a shorter season they would have less injury risk, which could lead to longer careers and more money made. Also the fans could watch their favorite play even longer. 

Compared to the average NFL game the NBA only brings in 7.5 million views compared to the NFL 14.9 million viewer. The NFL only has 17 games a season. I think that if they shorten the NBA season they would probably bring in more viewers and make more money.

I also think that they should make the NBA postseason single elimination. It makes the playoffs more exciting, adding more suspense to the game and having fans on the edge of their seats. It also allows for more upset for them which also adds more excitement. A single elimination tournament like March Madness would be more exciting for fans.

I think all of these would bring in more views for the NBA which means they would make more money. It’s also better for the players’ health. This is why I think the NBA should make the season shorter and have single elimination postseason games.