Disney, Not Just For Kids

Rylee Presswood, Staff Writer

More often than not, when someone thinks of Disney World, they think of a place meant for younger kids, but that isn’t the case. Disney is meant for any and all ages, ranging from toddlers to adults. Disney has a wide range of variety for any age groups to have a blast at their theme parks. Disney is great for younger kids to meet their favorite characters and ride the teacups, but what does Disney have for the older family members?

First, some rides at Disney are not for toddlers; some rides are meant for the older kids. Disney offers tons of roller coasters, such as Tower of Terror and Rockin’ Roller Coaster. Disney also offers a wide range of adult beverages, which are not meant for younger children. To go along with the beverages, the theme parks also offer dining that is more upscale compared to the places where you can eat with characters. Epcot offers a wide variety of different drinks and foods; a teen or adult will likely find more excitement in eating around the “world” than children do. 

Disney is also unique for its shopping experiences. There are many unique shops to choose from, especially at Disney Springs. Disney Springs has many toy stores but offers any shop that you could imagine. Anything that you want or are a fan of can most likely be found in Disney Springs. In conclusion, Disney offers many different options not just for kids, but for adults and teens too.