Dover Track Meets Gettysburg

Kendall Swift, Staff Writer

The Dover Area High School track team will be competing in a dual meet against Gettysburg High School on April 8th. The meet will be held at the Dover Middle School track. So far, the outcome is looking favorable. Some promising athletes on our boys’ team include senior Tyler Rackley in the mile and two mile, senior Tyler Renfrew in the pole vault and senior Carson Snelbaker in the throwing events. On the girls’ team, seniors Kacie Hoppel and Aaliyah Matthews and junior Cici Miller are shaping up well, and sophomore Summer Hogan is also on track for a good season when she returns from being quarantined. 

The Eagles have members quarantined currently. However, some members should be able to return by Thursday’s meet. Coach Josh Brandstadter predicts that the loss of athletes may impact the team. He says, “Everyone on the team is important, even if they are there for moral support for those we are competing for points”. Hopefully, the team’s morale will not be lost due to the missing athletes.

Because Gettysburg’s last meet was postponed, it is unclear what their strong suits are. In previous seasons, Gettysburg has had strong jumpers. They may also have a strong 400 runner, meaning they may be strong in sprinting overall. Due to the lack of statistics for the team, it is hard to know how they will compete. Overall, the meet looks very hopeful for Dover’s team. About the team, Brandstadter says,”I am feeling pretty good about this meet, especially since we are getting some of our quarantined individuals back for it […] I don’t know what Gettysburg has to offer, but I’m definitely encouraged by what I’ve seen so far”.