Cast IT delivers stellar performance

Niya Allen, Staff writer

On March 5, Dover Area High School students took to the stage to reenact the Broadway Musical: The Addams Family. The Addams Family depicts a ghoulish American family who overcomes the challenges of family division when their daughter Wednesday wants to get married.

Opening night starred Cast “IT”, which included the following leads: senior Owen Davis, senior Lydia Eifert, junior Sadie Roser, junior Ronan Mailey, junior Kristen Shellenberger, senior Peyton Hurlbert, junior Cameron Morris, junior Andrea Spalla, junior Caleb Zortman, and sophomore Jensen Glatfelter. Each cast member brought their characters alive with powerful vocals and acting performances. 

Mailey’s performance as Uncle Fester brought joy and lightheartedness to the production. Davis’s liveliness as Gomez Addams added excitement to the cast. Roser’s vocal performance as Wednesday Addams added depth to the overall performance. Eifert embodied the stubbornness of Morticia Addams. Shellenberger showcased the destructive and vulnerable side of Pugsley Addams extremely well. Hurlbert made the crowd laugh with her well executed jokes as Grandmama. Morris’ ending vocal performance showed the tenderness of Lurch Addams. Glatfelter vocally showed the love Lucas Beinecke shared for Wednesday. Spalla musically executed the sweet and harsh side of Alice Beinecke, while Zortman’s voice embodied the sternness of Mal Beinecke.  

The productions costuming, lighting, and sets brought the entire show together. From the ghoulish costumes to the purple lighting and fog, the set established the vibe of the odd nature that is the Addams family. 

Despite facing a pandemic, the musical program at Dover worked hard and relentlessly to put on an amazing show for the audience in person and at home.