Dover vocalists make state jazz roster


John Bubb, Staff Writer

Last week, four Dover vocalists were selected as part of the 2021  Pennsylvania Music Educators Association (PMEA) All-State Vocal Jazz Roster. This is a huge honor as Eagles occupy four of the total thirteen “seats” of the final roster: Sadie Roser, Ronan Mailey, Bobby Repp, and Owen Davis.

Chorus Director Samantha Roberts beamed, “I’m really proud of my students who made it into the [Ensemble] this year. They still put in the hard work even though they knew that an in-person festival wouldn’t happen this year…They are all incredibly talented, kind, smart, and humble individuals, and I am always proud to be their teacher.”

This group of students, along with nine others from around Pennsylvania, will be meeting with conductors virtually throughout April in order to rehearse and record a virtual performance of “I Will Wait Forever,” a heartfelt song that reflects upon what it’s like to be in love with someone, only to find they don’t share that love in return.

Although schedules are tentative, rehearsal is set to begin April 12, with the final performance being recorded between April 17 – April 23. This is truly a special opportunity for all those involved.

It is a statewide nonprofit with more than 4,000 total members, all of which are devoted to promoting the musical development of students across Pennsylvania. The organization’s roots date as far back as 1933, and its members have always promoted quality music education in schools and local communities.