New Building, New Feelings

Allison Harris, Staff Writer

Close but not quite there is the easiest way to describe the new high school. In September, students sat in the new classrooms with brand new desks for the first time since the building of the new school and renovations of the old high school, now the middle school. 

The new school is definitely grand and takes your breath away, but there are some things that just don’t feel right. A more modern school is enjoyable but it does not feel like the old school with color and posters on hallway walls. There are no decorations, pictures, billboards, or murals throughout the hallways which makes the halls seem so bare and empty, even when they are full of students. 

Senior Peyton Hurlbert says, “The school would be more inviting if there were decorations of some sort throughout the hallways.” Teachers have been told to wait a year before hanging anything directly on the walls because of the paint warranty. Junior Bleu Bellot says, “The courtyard takes a win. It is a pleasure to be able to eat outside, use the courtyard to get to classes, and get a fresh breath of air between classes.”