Winter sports face multiple challenges

Madelyn Reed, Editor-in-chief

Despite hopes that Covid practices would allow winter sports to begin without incident, the governor temporarily halted practices prior to the December break, making it difficult for teams to prepare. Although the sports teams saw this as a set back, the Eagles are ready to compete.

Senior wrestler Jarrod Love loves the sport but hates the mandates. He was so worried about his senior wrestling season being canceled, but it took a turn for the better after coming back from the shutdown. The varsity wrestling team has put in extra work and extra hours to make up for the time loss. 

“The shutdown impacted our team significantly because when we came back, it felt like day one of practice all over again,” says junior guard Paris Dugan. “As a team we just work harder in the gym and everyone makes sure they show up. We’re just working to put Dover back on the map, a 23 day lock down is a minor set back and we have a major comeback on the way.” 

Along with winter sports rules being changed, Dover has also been moved to Division 1, which is a big jump for these athletes. “We face bigger and stronger teams so every swim meet is a battle, but we can handle it,” says senior Tanner Gladfelter who swims the 500m. “We have to put in 110% at every practice and every meet. We don’t have a choice anymore. Each and every one of us have become dedicated to getting up early for practices and staying after hours.”