2020 election is unlike any other

Niya Allen, Staff Writer

Joe Biden will be the next United States President with Kamala Harris as Vice President. U.S. history has been made as Harris is the first Black, Asian-American woman to be elected Vice President of the United States of American. 

Election Day was November 3. While some citizens went in person to the polls, many opted for mail-in voting. This new style of voting was created to accommodate COVID-19 regulations and to give high-risk individuals a method to still exercise their voting rights. The poll votes were counted first, with mail-in votes counted after polling closed. As a result, votes took approximately four days to be counted in our state. Current President, Donald J. Trump, was leading in the race until mail-in votes began to be counted. Many swing states, such as Pennsylvania and Georgia, started off red and soon turned blue. These states ultimately determined the outcome of the election and gave Biden the votes he needed to win. Thus, Biden won the popular vote and the electoral votes to be certified in January.

Although Biden and Harris have won, Trump and his supporters strongly believe the election was rigged and are currently filing for recounts in hopes to prove in court that voter fraud was prominent in Biden’s victory. Their overall goal is to have Trump remain in office and serve another four years.