Marching Eagles play on

Makayla Paules, Staff Writer

Along with sports and athletics, the Dover Marching Band has faced many changes due to COVID. The marching band had to shift around several things just to be able to continue marching during COVID-19.

Towards the beginning of the band season, members were given the news that they would not be playing in the stands this year during the varsity football games. The band staff and members came up with the brilliant idea to have the band members bring chairs and play from outside the stadium fences. Many of the members were upset about not getting to watch the football game and play for the spectators, but were still very happy to be able to play for the game in some way. 

The band also received new uniforms this year. Along with the new uniforms, many seniors were sad to say goodbye to the uniforms they had marched in for the last three years. The band also received a new parking lot field to march on. For many years the band had to cancel practices due to rain the day before and the field being too wet to march on, missing out on time to get their show concrete.