A COVID-19 Fall Play

Niya Allen, Staff Writer

Each fall Dover Area High School puts on its annual fall play involving staff  and students. This year’s play choice is “I am Whispering at the Top of My Voice” which is a dramatic and comedic play following the lives of townspeople. Although the play is still happening, it will look different from past years due to the  COVID-19 restrictions. 

Play Director and English teacher Jamie Brandstadter chose the play at the end of the musical season and read the script over quarantine. “I wanted to do a comedy with zombies,” Brandstadter stated while explaining why she decided to go with this year’s play. Notably, she felt it was the best fit for the COVID restrictions because the play consists mostly of monologues, so social distancing will be easier to do. All auditions and rehearsals have been through Zoom.

If they are unable to perform at school, the cast members would have to perform from their houses on Zoom. Although the circumstances are not favorable, Brandstadter remains optimistic by saying, “We are hoping we can still do a live performance and have a live audience, but we know we are going to have to stream it either way because not everyone will be able to attend.”

Junior Ronan Mailey shares his role, thoughts, and feelings about this year’s play. “My character’s name is Floyd who is the school nerd and is in love with his crush Justine […] Floyd is also very full of himself and is well aware of his smarts and skills.” His main goal with Floyd is to leave the audience in laughter. On the other hand, Mailey expresses how although Zooms are not ideal, he understands that may be needed to remain safe. Much like Brandstadter, Mailey remains hopeful about this year’s play performance.

The cast is determined that COVID-19 will not stop Dover from giving a powerful, comedic performance!