Friday Night Football Game Turned to Racial Uproar

Niya Allen, Staff Writer

At the football game on September 25th, Dover Area High School played Central York High School. Many would think the topic of conversation would be about players’ gameplay performances, but sadly that isn’t the trending topic. Instead, it’s the buzz of Central kneeling during the national anthem and alleged racial slurs being thrown out by Dover during gameplay. 

The kneeling during the anthem movement was sparked by Colin Kapernick, a formal NFL player, who did it to protest police brutality of people of color. Following in his footsteps, Central players have been kneeling during the anthem this season. Much like Kapernick received backlash, Central experienced the same treatment by Dover’s parents and players. One parent snapped a picture of the kneeling players and posted it on Facebook saying, “Disrespectful!!! Wow Central Wow.” As a rebuttal, a Central student posted a paragraph questioning why everyone’s attention was on the players kneeling and not their stellar performance. Most importantly, within the statement, the Central student accused multiple Dover players of using a racial slur toward their players. 

In my eyes, kneeling during the anthem is not a disrespectful action. In fact, our first amendment rights as Americans allow us to peaceably assemble in protest. Therefore, all the players did was exercise that right. What was particularly disrespectful about silently kneeling? The boys weren’t rowdy or cursing at the flag; they simply took a knee peacefully. I’m actually proud of those boys for standing up for their beliefs and not letting ridicule stop their message. 

Furthermore, as a black student at Dover, it is extremely concerning and embarrassing that my school is now labeled as “racist.” The fact that Eagle players could have possibly found it just to stand there and spew out racial slurs is absurd. It is crucial, especially with everything happening in the world right now, that we stand together in solidarity. 

With incidents like this, it worsens the division that exist in society. I am hopeful that further racism and bigotry, of any kind, will be dealt with firmly. It is not acceptable in our school or on the playing fields!