Staff Spotlight: Trainer Dave

Solomon Harris, Staff Writer

Watching high school sporting events and being a player is exciting, but there is more to sports than just the players and the games. One of the “behind the scenes” players is Dave App, the athletic trainer for Dover Area High School who deserves some spotlight.

App, affectionately called “Trainer Dave” by student athletes, has been an athletic trainer for Dover since October of 2012, and it seems like it was destined to happen. After years of being interested in sports, his senior year of high school, he shadowed a few physical therapists in the area, and enjoyed seeing the rehab process. He was interested in this profession but wanted to work with athletes, so athletic training it was.

When a player gets hurt App will evaluate them and either start the rehab process or send them off to a doctor. The way App helps students rehab from their injuries is a process with a few steps, starting with reducing the swelling of the injury, which also reduces pain and increases range of motion. App determines when an athlete is able to compete again by their range of motion. He looks to see if the athlete’s range of motion is back or as close to normal as possible. Once motion is back they work on regaining full strength. Luckily most of the injuries he sees don’t exclude students from competing.