Vacation plans foiled by virus

Makensie Husson, Staff Writer

The outbreak of the coronavirus has caused many families to cancel their summer vacation plans. Family trips that are being cancelled or put on pause can be very aggravating, especially if the trip was a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Traveling internationally is one of the hardest things to do during this pandemic. Junior Riley Mulder, had a Europe trip planned for this summer. Mulder said she the trip was a year in the making.  “I was so excited about going to Europe. It could be a once in a lifetime trip, and I was really upset, almost in denial, because I wanted to go so badly”. 

Sophomore Brooke Bowman had big plans for the summer too, though hers included domestic travel. Bowman’s family and friends were going to stay a week in the Outer Banks, North Carolina. Bowman states, “I was waiting all year for this trip and to find out that it was canceled and having to wait another year made me even more upset”.

Many students are in a similar predicament. A great way to celebrate the school year being over is a beach trip, but with quarantine and the travel regulations, many trips like Bowman’s will be postponed.