Alumni association awards scholarships

Ryan Floyd, Staff Writer

The Dover Area High School Alumni Association (DAHSAA), gave scholarships to five individuals who best represented Dover and strived to make their high school career the best it could be. These individuals worked hard and were able to receive the scholarship because of their SAT scores, grades, community service, extracurricular activities, work experience, leadership, essay, honors and awards, acceptance letters to higher learning institutes, financial need, and two letters of recommendation.

Among those five students is Jaylynn Malehorn, a graduating senior planning to attend the University of Pittsburgh. “I was so excited because it was the very first scholarship that I have received!” she said. “I was also incredibly grateful to have been chosen among the many applications.” She plans to major in speech pathology, and wants to work in speech therapy for Life Skills students. Her advice for underclassmen is to “enjoy high school while you have it, and don’t take your opportunities for granted.” Malehorn accomplished many things throughout her years here, including Distinguished Honor Roll, National Honor Society, and varsity sports. 

Other recipients of the scholarship include Kaylee Renfrew, Alyssa Bowlsbey, Paige Lantz, and Tatiana Drebot.