Class of 2020 gets “adopted”

Dylan Dawson, Staff Writer

Seniors lost their special day and many people throughout the community wanted to help. Recently, there was a Facebook page started by Karen Sawyer called “Adopt a York Co Senior”. Families are “adopting” graduating seniors from schools in York County to help them cope with the loss of their graduation. By adopting a senior, they’re basically selecting a student to show a little extra love to during these trying times. 

They send gifts to the student they’ve adopted, like letters, cards, snacks, etc. It’s something to honor and appreciate the seniors who couldn’t have a normal graduation due to the pandemic.

Taylor Mills, a senior at Dover, is one of the students that’s been adopted, and she thinks it’s beneficial. “I know some seniors are really struggling with all the changes, so this can really help them out.” Taylor has two people who have adopted her, but she doesn’t know who they are, yet. They want to remain anonymous until Taylor receives some gifts, just for fun.

Members choose a student and then private message the person that posted the senior (likely a parent) to figure out their likes and dislikes, and the address to send their offerings to. You can adopt a senior who’s already been adopted as they can have multiple adopters. Several Dover students have been involved and adopted.