How school lunches can change for the better


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We all know that students are constantly complaining about school lunches, but what exactly is wrong with them as a whole? Is it that the majority of school lunches do not cater to students that are lactose or gluten intolerant, vegetarian, pescetarian, or vegan? A recent poll has shown that part of the problem with school lunches is indeed that they do not reach out to every student’s needs. Vegetarian, pescetarian, and vegan students suggest that the school make easily-accessible meatless versions of meals, instead of putting meat into every lunch. They also request having salads as a main option instead of just an alternate choice. Lactose intolerant students would like the option of having water instead of milk in the lunch line. Students should not have to pay $1.50 extra for a bottle of water when it should be offered to go along with the meal similar to milk. Instead of students having to pay for more costly alternate options just to eat something that suits their diet, the school should offer more varied standard options. Some suggestions are wraps with or without meat, bagels, fresh steamed veggies, yogurt, and fresh whole fruit. These are all healthy options that accommodate a larger portion of the student body.