Freshman slugger reflects on canceled season

Landen Day, Staff Writer

Freshman Connor Higgs plays on the baseball team for the high school. Unfortunately, due to the coronavirus, the season was cancelled. “We were unable to have our season, including training,” says Higgs. Their team was only able to play their preseason games.

“We played well during our preseason games, and I thought our team was going to have a great season,” Higgs said. 

Higgs plays a couple of positions, such as second base and pitcher. “Pitcher is the player that delivers the ball to the plate, while second base is a backup and support player for first and cut-off’s,” Higgs states.  He and his team were unable to play this season, although he states, “…not playing for a whole season would make us play even better for next season because we will be training all year waiting for next season.” 

Even though Higgs and his team was only able to play a couple of preseason games, Higgs said “I felt like I was adapting to the high school playing atmosphere, I was ready for the season.” He and his team played York Tech in one of those preseason games. “I felt like we played our best during that game because we were new to the program and we wanted to make a great first impression,” said Higgs.

His team doesn’t have a season anymore, but Higgs and his team are still training for next season. “I have been training to get better for next season by lifting weights, as well as running to help me condition,” said Higgs.