Technology ruining today’s teens

Destiny Guthrie, Staff Writer

Kids today rely too much on technology, but I feel like there is a reason behind it. If kids didn’t have phones they would have to find other ways to contact their friends and even parents. 

Some kids take advantage of having a phone and use it at inappropriate times, like during school. Maybe social media is what keeps teens on their phone because they can post pictures and videos and talk to their friends. Social media is an easy way to keep kids content, but it can become addicting after a while. 

Not only are kids and teenagers getting phones, but they’re also getting tablets and laptops. More and more of the kids today have some type of electronic device to entertain themselves. 

I personally feel like technology is ruining some teenagers’ teenage experience. If you look around in today’s world, you will see many people on their phones, texting or snapchatting their friends even if they have people all around them. A lot of teenagers go to parties and get together to take pictures and videos so they can post them the next time. Many teenagers are focused on social media and not the real world. 

Hopefully when we get older we will realize that we don’t need technology and social media to survive. Once you’re an adult you have a lot of other priorities like college, work or even spouses and families. For now, we’ll spend our time being teenagers and posting pictures and videos.