Dover’s Quarantine “March Madness”

Dylan Dawson, Staff Writer

Kids are still finding ways to have fun amid the quarantine. Sports have been limited and called off around the world due to the global pandemic, but 16 students from Dover Area High School have created their own “March Madness” with their own rules. 

Participants are going live together on Instagram to face off against each other in games of H.O.R.S.E., and the winner of each round advances until a champion is crowned. 

Only three participants remain as of publication; Owen Kennell, Jalen Brownson, and Jaeger James. The winner of Brownson vs. James will face Kennell in the championship. 

Kennell says, “I’m pretty confident, I really haven’t been tested on my entire journey here.” He predicts that he’ll face James in the final round, and he doesn’t think his winning streak will stop there. 

On the other hand, some participants didn’t have as much luck. Charlie Ezibe was knocked out in the second round by Carson Snelbaker, 5-0. Ezibe felt that the game wasn’t fair, “He ruined my momentum as I had made a between-the-legs layup. He attempted the shot and missed so he complained about the wind, and we both reshot. From there my momentum was gone.”

Although he lost, Ezibe still had a good time participating in the unique event, and so did all of the other players. Things like this can always create a bright spot in dark situations like what’s happening around us, and it’s nice to see some students are making the most of it.