Americans need sports to return

Jayden Miller, Staff Writer

Where were you the day sports stopped? March 12, 2020 the day all professional sports came to a halt. This decision would eventually become inevitable, but the timing was just terrible. So many sports were headed into the final stretch of the season – playoffs. The NBA, NHL and NCAA basketball were all days away from the beginning of the playoffs. 

With everyone being forced into quarantine, people would expect the number one source of entertainment to be professional sports. Well this isn’t the case, with sports being canceled, we are stuck watching reruns of games that we know the outcome of. Not only is sports a way of entertainment, but for some it’s also a steady income. 

At the time of these sporting events going into the playoffs, the number of bets being placed was close to being doubled. Last year alone, Americans placed 8.5 billion dollars worth of bets during the 14 day March Madness tournament. For some people, these playoffs are a way of getting a little, sometimes a lot, more income for their families. With many people getting laid off from their jobs, these sporting events could have been a way for people to stay afloat with bills. But this opportunity was taken from us due to the pandemic of COVID-19.

With a back it normal life nowhere in sight, many officials have begun to come up with plans on how to get these sports back on their feet and going again. This would not only benefit the athletes but millions of Americans trying to find ways to bring in a little extra money during these hard times. Plus, watching these sports reruns is pretty boring.