School clubs provide more than social interaction

Dylan Dawson, Staff writer

Clubs are a way of gathering students with the same interests and helping them connect. School clubs are an essential part of any school, and at Dover we have clubs like Future Farmers of America, Distributive Education Clubs of America, and the Anime Club. They can better prepare you for your future, boost your college resume, and help you make new friends.

DECA deals with the ins and outs of business and marketing. DECA member, Cole Brickley, thinks the club holds a handful of benefits and says, “It teaches you professional skills, like how to interact in the business world. You learn a lot about yourself by presenting and how well you can talk in front of a stranger while attempting to sell your idea.”

FFA is another club provided at Dover High School that can lead to future career paths that are more common in the agricultural field. FFA also helps to prepare students for leadership, personal growth and career success.

I think if Dover were to add any more clubs to the list, they should be related to the business and marketing world, but I wouldn’t be against more clubs solely meant for fun, like a Fish & Game club.

Students should find a club and get involved because clubs help to prepare students for their future through teaching of leadership, personal growth, and career success. They’re not just for fun.