Dress code policy needs revision

Kortleigh Middleton, Staff writer

I think that the dress code at Dover Area School District is beyond sexist. If you read the dressing guidelines, the majority of them relate to females, and very few are directed toward males. 

In my opinion, it is completely and utterly unfair that females have all of these dressing policies, yet males are only required to not wear tight fitting or muscle shirts. If a male attended school with the same short shorts on as a female, they would both cause a distraction, but only the female would get dress coded.

I feel that the “no holes or tears” rule is senseless to an extent, because the school’s excuse is that it is a distraction to other students learning. It is not fair for the student that is wearing these clothes to be dress coded, because it’s not their fault that others are distracted by their body. I believe that if the holes are not by your groin region or showing undergarments, then it is okay because nothing inappropriate is showing. 

Another idea I have about the dressing policy is that I think that if we are going to get in trouble for showing our personality and sense of style, then we shouldn’t even bother trying to wear what we want. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love dressing how I want and expressing my style, but I think if I am going to get pulled out of class for a dress code violation, that is going to be more of a distraction to my learning than a hole in my jeans could ever be.