Janitors deep clean to prevent spread of virus

Dominic Orwick, Staff Writer

High school custodian Jane Arnold is one of the many behind the scenes workers that are helping to keep us, students and staff, safe. Just like the healthcare, grocery, and gas station workers, Arnold and her team are at the schools helping to clean to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus.

Arnold said that she is preparing for the virus by deeply cleaning everything, meaning every area she is able to reach is being washed. The janitors are using a cleaner called “Lemon Slam” that works specifically on the targeted virus and sanitizes to remove all germs. Arnold said, “I am sure they will still be deep cleaning with that chemical for the rest of this school year as well as the regular summer work.”

Janitors are doing as much as they can to help keep everyone safe. They will be cleaning and getting the school ready for when we return in the fall. “It is a little harder, but it is just like our summer cleaning work so it made no difference to me,” Arnold said of the deep cleaning procedures.

The Coronavirus is very serious, and they are taking all of the precautions that are needed to properly keep the school clean and safe for the return of the teachers and students. This will not only help us but also help the school get through this epidemic.