Marching band welcomes new uniforms

Allison Harris, Staff Writer

Along with our new high school, Dover is also receiving new marching band uniforms this upcoming year. The staff hopes that the uniforms will be handed out before the first game to start off the football season. During an interview, Mr. Bradshaw revealed that the uniforms will still feature the school colors—red, black, silver, and white—but they will have a contemporary, bold, and clean marching band look with less weight and bulk than the current uniforms. The uniforms will also include new hats and gloves. As the previous uniforms are over 14 years old and difficult to wash, they will not be given to the middle school concert band—they are instead being turned into pillows which can be donated or purchased by alumni. Even though the band is thrilled for new uniforms and are in need of them, Mr. Bradshaw still has a special place in his heart for the previous ones, since he helped design them and has been used to using them for years.