Senioritis sets in for class of 2020


Bulletin board of Senior News for the Senior class.

Riley Mulder, Sports Editor

It’s getting closer and closer, and the seniors are counting down the days of school that we have left. Many have senioritis and say they probably could be doing more for their grades. “It makes me not want to do any work, so my grades aren’t as good as they could be,” Ashley Goebeler said. Paige Lantz says senioritis is “when a senior loses interest in high school and doesn’t care about classes or the drama really anymore.” These seniors seem to want to keep pushing through the senioritis, but it’s catching up to them. 

David Patterson says he’s hanging out with his friends, while Joseph “JoJo” Hogue is constantly reminding himself that school, and not succumbing to senioritis, will benefit him in the long run. Lantz is making checklists to keep herself motivated for her grades. Senioritis can kick in at any point in time and stay or come and go. Lantz says her senioritis started when the second semester started, while Goebeler said hers comes and goes. “Sometimes I have it, but not all of the time.”

Patterson says the senioritis he and his friends are experiencing is affecting him more because of the thought of the future. “A lot of my friends are ready to move on from high school, and it’s overwhelming to think about how our lives will never be like they were the last 18 years. Sad to me but exciting at same time for new changes.” 

These specific seniors are planning to attend college, and they are looking forward to it. Goebeler is planning to attend East Stroudsburg and major in athletic training. Patterson and Lantz plan to attend Duquesne, majoring in marketing and pharmacy respectively. Hogue is planning to attend community college for now. With any luck, their senioritis symptoms will fade by the time freshman orientation begins.