Jane the custodian says goodbye

Riley Mulder, Sports Editor

Everyone knows Jane the custodian, whether it’s a needed tissue box or a mess someone made for her to clean up, she’s always on the run. Jane has been working at the high school for 24 years now, and still loves the job like it is her first day. “Being able to help anyone and everyone, I love it!” She responded after being asked what she looks forward to when she comes into the school each day. 

Jane has worked at several buildings, including the high school and when the high school was undergoing construction, she was transferred to the Intermediate school. She also worked at Weigelstown in her 24 years. Jane came into the job with experience because she was working part time while cleaning other places in the evenings. Before she was a custodian, she worked at a store, Maple Donuts, and made teeth at Dental Supply when she decided to try out the school and realized it was a great job.

Jane comes in at 5:30 a.m. and works until 2:30 p.m. and as everyone knows, she is so positive all day, every day. When asked why that was and she responded, “I really don’t know, I just love everything I do.” Her attitude makes her the best person with an even greater personality and everyone knows that about Jane. What she is most proud of is knowing what to do, when to do it and how to do it so quickly. “I have done a lot to know what we need. I’m on top of everything. I already got the tables and chairs ordered for  STEM day Wednesday!” Jane said Friday afternoon. 

Jane is not planning to continue her journey at the new high school, “I say it’s mostly my husband’s health, but I’m also getting older and the next school looks fairly large!” After retirement, she plans to go to her grandson’s graduation held in New York, and go on some trips. Jane is going to miss everyone and helping out, but I told her we are all going to miss her as well!