STEM Summit Review

Madelyn Reed, Staff Writer

Feb. 5, the sophomore class attended STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) summit day. STEM summit is held annually at Dover High School to help show students the possibilities of careers and to help influence their career choices. 

The STEM summit included more than those four specific categories. There were stations throughout the gym and a few classrooms for students to experience real life jobs. The Junior Achievement staff incorporated a large amount of hands on activities such as fixing a faucet, wiring a light switch or driving a robot to collect cones to help students learn how these everyday jobs work.

These stations not only demonstrated the occupation, but also the skill of working with others. 

My favorite station was the chemistry station, where we mixed two chemicals to make foam hands. I didn’t like the metal working station, where you made little pendants. I think that the basics, such as the biology or chemistry stations helped show students that science isn’t just the everyday science we learn in school, but that there are extended aspects than to what we learn.

In my opinion, this event was helpful for us as a class because of our age. I think this may have helped a number of students decide what they want to do when they graduate. Our life after graduation is a stressful thing to think about, but this event gave the majority of us an idea of the wide variety of choices for after graduation.