Hold on tight: the top 10 rides at the York Fair

This year’s York Fair held many exciting prospects for thrill-seekers—here are the top ten rides they had to offer.


Allison Harris, Staff Writer

10: Bumper cars: I was unimpressed with the bumper cars this year because it was only a small space to move around and some of the cars got stuck. 

9: Carousel: I enjoy the carousel, but it would be better if they had rings you could reach up and grab like at Knoebels.

8: Music express: This ride is good for younger kids because the music is entertaining and the spinning is not that fast. However, adults and teens will likely get bored of it easily. 

7: Ferris Wheel: A fan-favorite, the ferris wheel is a fun ride for families, friends, and couples. The fair has two Ferris wheels, one for little kids and a larger one for teens and above. 

6: Slide: Even as a teen I still enjoy this ride and the game of racing with my friends for who will get down the fastest. 

5: Supershot: This ride reminds me of an elevator, and it does its job. The suspense of getting up to the top then the dramatic drop down makes it a good choice.

4: Sizzler: As a person who hates heights, I appreciate how this ride is fast but remains on the ground. It could have been faster though. 

3: Fireball: The fireball is similar to the Hydra, but personally I found the Hydra more entertaining. 

2: Hydra: This ride is terrifying if you are afraid of heights, but it is amazing if you are wild and a daredevil.

1: Starship: This is my favorite ride. The first time I rode I really enjoyed it, even though the second time it was slacking.