Eagles get all-star Recognition

Tressa Slater, Assistant Editor

Despite not having the season they wanted, with a record of 6-12, the boys varsity soccer team had some positives as four players were named to the all-star team. Senior midfielder Evan Miller and freshman goalkeeper Landon Mabe made first team, while junior midfielder Zayne Stump and sophomore midfielder Owen Kline made second team all stars. 

Miller talks about coming back from his anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injury after not playing last year. “Coming back from my ACL surgery was a struggle for me because it was a long process to get back to where I am today.” It seems to have been a good comeback season though, as Miller was named as a first team all star, an honor that gets voted on by all of the coaches in the division. 

Stump shared about coming back from his own knee injury, “Yes I had many concerns coming into the season, am I going to be fast enough, am I going to be able to turn fast enough?” Stump was out for both his sophomore soccer and wrestling season.

Stump shared his thoughts about the team’s season. “Something I am proud of my team for is that towards the end of the season we were in most of the games and we were having gutsy performances because we only had 1-2 subs and we limited most of our mistakes at the end of the season.” 

Although the season may not have gone how he envisioned, he now has a standard to work towards for next year. As for Miller, he hopes to continue his soccer career into college, “I do plan on playing in college but have not committed to any college yet.”