Dover Goes to the Olympics

John Bubb, Staff Writer

On February 22 and February 23, the Dover Area High School physics team will be competing for a cash prize of $150 in the 29th Annual Dallastown Area High School Physics Olympics.

Coached by physics teacher Brian Bahn, the DAHS physics team has participated in the competition for about eight years, having enjoyed only moderate success. With the competition being postponed last year due to COVID-19, however, Bahn in confident that this year’s team will be Dover’s ticket to success, with students Kaden Geiger, Jacob Sieber, Alexandra Ziegler, Christian Paules, Jared Espiritu, all taking up the challenge.

One key new addition to the team has been Sieber. He says, “The thing I enjoy most about the team is that we are all from different classes, but we are all friends because of our love for science. [I’m also] looking forward to meeting all the nerds and geeks from other schools because they’re into the same things.”

Indeed, Bahn stated that one thing he enjoys most about the competition is the opportunity to see his students using what they’ve learned in the classroom. Bahn said, “It’s always fun to see students competing using what they learned in class, [and] the Dallastown physics teachers go a great job of hosting a fun and competitive event.”

As far as what they’ll be competing for, in addition to the cash prize, each member of the winning team will also receive a gift certificate good for a score of 100% on the lab or report of their choice, redeemable at any time from a participating DAHS science teacher—an attractive prize to be sure.