Students should be more aware of politics

Khaleel Cheema, Staff Writer

Most students in high school are unaware of the importance of the political spectrum. Many do not know how it works and how it applies to everyday people and even world leaders. This is an issue because high school students are the future, even if they feel they are not. They will become the world leaders or become the people that vote to change and create policies that will affect them on the local and federal level.

People who are more aware of politics and the importance of policies tend to be able to see the changes that need to be made in the government. Knowing more about politics is helpful because it can further educate people about how historical societies worked, how their governments ran, and how they treated their people. This allows us to compare our societies now.

Knowledge of how political systems affect everyone on an economic and social level is important so no misinformation is spread. Most knowledge of politics and policy that high school students receive is mainly from their households. This tends to be an issue because older generations can be misinformed about previous policy-making or political systems. This leads to misinformed ideas circulating.

Students who are aware of politics and the circumstances that policymakers create or enhance have the power to make changes. They are the future. They can be the leaders that make the changes. They will be the voters who choose the leaders and be the ones who change the world for future generations.