Marsh passionate about job and students

Lizbeth Morales, Staff Writer

Becoming a teacher is a major thing, not only because a teacher has a huge impact on what students learn but also how passionate they will become for their future careers. 

Large Animal Science teacher Britney Marsh is also an agriculture educator and Future Farmers of America adviser. Growing up Marsh was always surrounded by horses. “I have always loved animals. However, I had no intent on being so involved in agriculture or education until I took an elective agriculture class my freshman year,” said Marsh. 

This is an example of how influential a teacher can be. Lots of high school students don’t really have an idea of what career path to take, which is why teachers have such an impact on their future. Marsh said, “I had the best teacher, and he really inspired me to dive into agriculture and FFA. This is where my real passion began.”

Marsh was also given an opportunity to be “elected to be a PA FFA State Officer after I graduated high school. I served a year term and had the opportunity to travel all over the state and work with FFA members. This experience is what made me change my major to Agricultural Education.”

Now, years later, Marsh has accomplished her dreams and has been teaching at Dover for nine years. She is motivated to teach her students what she is most passionate about, “I love watching my students grow over their high school career. My hands down favorite part is working with students and feeling like I make a difference. I want my students to always pursue learning. You’re never too old or too busy to learn something new. Every little nugget of information makes you a better, more well-rounded person. I also want them to have an appreciation for agriculture-not that they need to be involved in an ag career but just respect those who provide so much for our world.” 

Marsh has had an impact on senior Brianna Mejia, “I took large animal science not knowing it would be so interesting. I have learned so much about livestock and Ms. Marsh does everything to help us understand the lesson. She takes time to physically show us and invests in things so we have a visual idea.”

One of Marsh’s goals is to always protect all students. “I just try to keep my students at the forefront of my mind and remind myself daily what is best for them. The amazing students I work with keep me afloat!” said Marsh.