National Honors Society becomes Santa Clause

Azul Bellot, Staff Writer

The National Honors Society (NHS) at Dover Area High School (DAHS) organized a Toys for Tots collection that will run from November 30th – December 10th. They are collecting donated toys from the community to give to less fortunate children for Christmas. 

In Dover alone, “11.68% of people are in poverty.” Further statistics show that, “22% of American children under the age of 18 live in poverty.” 

Toys for Tots is an organization run by the United States Marine Corps Reserve, which distributes Christmas gifts to children whose parents cannot afford to buy them. The organization was founded in 1947. Many schools since then have created their own Toys for Tots collection sites. With poverty rates increasing yearly, many families with children are left to fend for themselves and are unable to buy Christmas presents for their children. 

The goal for Toys for Tots is to give presents to those who cannot afford Christmas this year. Senior co-chair of the New Service Committee of NHS Rebecca Mitchell says, “I decided to do Toys for Tots because kids have a special place in my heart. Every child should be able to open up presents on Christmas Day.” In doing this collection, not only will the students help those families, but would also be impacting children’s lives. 

Senior co-chair of the New Service Committee of NHS Emily Moyer says that their goal in the NHS is “to get as many toys donated as possible in the small amount of time that we have before the holidays.” Toys must be brand new, for children between 9 – 13, and can be whatever you choose to bring. They are to be dropped off at the local bins in the Red Zone at DAHS. “I would love for the community to get together and help kids in our community to have a merry Christmas,” Mitchell says.