Dover High White Out for Matthew Gowen

Paris Dugan, Sports Editor

Matthew H. Gowen, is a former student at Dover Area School District who passed away September 21, 2017, leaving behind a loving family and many friends. On September 21, 2021, the student body wore white clothing to school honoring Gowen as it is the four year anniversary of his death. 

Before September started, members of the student body knew they wanted to honor Gowen on this day. White represents Matthew’s purity and innocence, however, also represents the mourning of those Gowen impacted. When the accident which took his life initially happened, many students that knew him wore white clothing to school the next day to honor Gowen. Even students that didn’t know him wore white to show their respect. As Gowen’s classmates are now seniors, he has been on their mind a lot lately. 

Many students remember all the loving and fun times they shared with Gowen. Students shared ways that they will always remember him. Senior Kelsey Hasson said, “I think about middle school classes I had with Matthew quite often.” Senior Michaela Fink stated, “I’ll always remember how close the community came together to pay respects to Matthew and his family. Honoring him with a candle lit ceremony and wearing white for him.” 

Gowen was struck by a van while carrying a free elliptical machine home for his mom. Gowen was and still is loved by many students at Dover Area High School.