Dead Rodents Found in Walmart

Maximus Cruz, Staff Writer

On March 31st, 2021, the State Department of Agriculture conducted its annual inspections of food serving businesses to ensure safety in York County. When they inspected the Walmart located at 1800 Loucks Rd, West Manchester Township, they found multiple locations around the store had rodent droppings and deceased rodents. They also found that there was a hole in the rear door of the gardening center which was allowing insects, rodents and other animals to enter the building. Bags in the gardening center also had holes in them due to rodents getting into the gardening center. 

Although this Walmart has a pest control program, the efforts seem to be failing as rodents are still getting in. Dover Area High School senior Alyson Huey says of a recent shopping trip, “It was nice in some areas, but in others you could tell… they do not clean very well.”

It is clear that Walmart is failing in the cleanliness of the building, and it seems the employees don’t care either. The store will remain open while they attempt to correct the problem.