Summer Get-Togethers: With/without masks?

Josiah Garcia, Staff Writer

Should summer get-togethers and hangouts be with or without masks? I believe that it should depend on the area and if the people have been vaccinated yet. I know that either way, vaccinated or not, we are still supposed to keep masks on for safety precautions since Covid isn’t fully gone yet in the United States. 

For summer get-togethers, I believe that it should be at least required for mask wearing to help prevent the spread of Covid-19. I also know that most people do like to go to arcades and whatnot during the summer, which can include go-kart racing and mini-golf. I believe that even with go-kart racing, masks can be taken off during the activity because it’s not like that karts will always be side to side, there’s always going to be spacing with go-kart racing. Even with mini-golf, everyone doing mini-golf will be spaced out between holes, which can help as well with distancing. 

Now, laser tag, that’s one where you can either be away or close to people during matches. I strongly suggest masks staying on during laser tag masks because you have to be at a pretty close proximity to tag someone and most teammates will be by each other for strategic plays. Even with other activities like dodgeball, VR, even trampoline parks, customers should keep masks on during those activities as well. 

I also know that during the summer, people tend to take vacations, go swimming, fishing, sports, etc. Most people are tired of wearing masks nowadays, and I don’t think anyone wants to swim with a mask on. According to the NYTimes, “Some activities should be avoided altogether, including close-contact or indoor sports, and large gatherings or assemblies.” 

Regarding summer camps, the NYTimes also stated that “all people in camp facilities should wear masks at all times,” and as well as “children going to camp this summer can be within three feet of peers in the same-group settings, but they must wear masks at all times.” So, it mainly depends on the activity that the person would be doing depends on mask bearing. Masks are still strongly recommended during this time of period since COVID-19 has not left the United States.