Battle for Funds, Winner Takes All

Savannah Williar , Staff Writer

Schools are always looking to add to the funds to support things such as prom, graduation, and other school events. In Dover’s search for extra funds, students and staff came up with the Class Penny War. Sophomore class president Kylie Snelbaker stated that the school, “wanted to do a fundraiser without spending money,” and that is exactly what we did. 

From May 10 to May 28, students will be able to add coins to their designated grade level bucket in the cafeteria. Sophomore class advisor Justin Oswalt explained, “Pennies will count for positive points”… “if they have quarters or dimes or anything that’s silver you want to put it in the other class’s buckets for negative points.” Every week the money will be taken to the bank to be sorted and counted, and a weekly total for each class will be released. 

The goal of this fundraiser is to spark healthy competition between the grade levels, in hopes of raising money for their class. Snelbaker makes it clear that, “Whichever class wins the penny war gets all the money raised.” This should hopefully be some incentive for students to donate, seeing that it will benefit them and their class for future events. The buckets will be decorated and placed near the concession stand in the cafeteria during lunches, easily accessible for those that wish to participate.