York Community Confronts Racism

John Bubb, Staff Writer

Last Tuesday, April 27, the Confronting Racism Coalition, along with the NAACP and the Black Ministers Association, held a United for Community Change Rally in the York Continental Square. The event was held to promote three key themes: what has currently been to confront racism in the York community, recognizing that there is still much work to be done, and issuing a call to action for the next necessary steps to be taken. The event featured a group of diverse speakers from all around York county, including police commissioners, the town mayor, and even some student speakers. I was actually one of these student speakers, attending the event as a part of Project Harmony; a student organization here at Dover Area High School which seeks to promote diverse education and inclusion within our school community. I spoke about what is currently being done to confront racism in the York community, and although it was my first public talk ever, the group there was incredibly welcoming, and it was an amazing event.

York City Police Commissioner, Michael Muldrow, served as the opening speaker, with local ministers and representatives of the NAACP following, and even some musical performances sprinkled throughout. The event recognized the continued work that needs to be done in creating the best community York can be, but it also took time to recognize the progress that has been made, and what the citizens of York have done to further such progress. Such progress includes the development of student organizations like Project Harmony, and the Unity Council here at DAHS. The event was a great success, with many involved voicing their thanks and appreciation for the opportunity to be involved in such a cause. The Revenant Dr. Larry T Walthour – one of the event’s organizers and key speakers – saying, “I was honored to share as a member of the committee and to share in the call to action…I am grateful for each of you and what you do for the York community.” Overall, the event sought to bring together the people of York in a celebration of diversity, and issue an optimistic call to action, and it did just that.

It provided exposure for various community organizations around York such as the Confronting Racism Coalition, and allowed for a discussion of the gains in the York community. Plus, I got to be on the news, which was pretty fun.