How students view the new high school

Close…but not quite there

Allison Harris, Staff Writer

Dover’s new high school is almost done. Students were asked their opinion on the building, and the differences between the old highschool vs the new one. Overall, students definitely like the new building: the highschool is modern, has an open concept, bigger bathrooms, prettier kitchen, all around looks cleaner and more put together. The one-way hallways, however, are a no go. One student in particular pointed out how students are already trapped in a narrow hallway and not social distancing, so there is no point to the one-way hallways. The new school is definitely grand and takes your breath away, but students were disappointed to see how small the classrooms are. In comparison to those in the old building which were much bigger, these classrooms are average. A modern school is enjoyable but it does not feel not homey. Students have complained that there are no decorations, pictures, billboards, or murals. Teachers have to wait a year because of the paint contract before finally decorating their walls and personalizing their rooms completely. Schools should be welcoming, inviting, and bright; meanwhile ours is grey, red, and black. 

When asked what they would change about the school, the common answers were the one way hallways, building a stadium at the highschool, and changing the school temperature to warmer. Students were asked what they enjoy about the school and the courtyards took a win, as it is a pleasure to be able to eat outside, use the courtyard to get to classes, and get a fresh breath of air.