Eagles start unprecedented year

Madelyn Reed, Editor In Chief

Just as the 19-20 school year ended unusually, the 20-21 school year started unlike any other… especially for Dover students. 

Current high school students at Dover moved to a brand new high school where the old intermediate school used to be. Middle school students have moved into the old high school, which is still being renovated. There are so many things at both of the new schools to look forward to this school year!

The first few classes for those attending the middle school and high school, students did online learning due to the school’s completion being delayed. Students had to join their teachers and classmates in a daily Zoom call for the first six days of the school year. Senior Luis Ortiz said, “It sucked not being able to have a regular ‘last- first day’ but I am thankful that the district did their best in all aspects to get us back as soon as possible.”

On September 10, the Dover Area School District board of directors thought that it would be best if students didn’t begin in person learning until Wednesday, September 16 due to the schools needing some finishing touches. 

Another major change since our last day together in school is wearing masks. On the last day of school last year, March 13, 2020, face coverings were not required but as of now, all students, teachers and staff must wear face coverings or a face shield to attend in person learning. 

Many are just excited to be back in school. Mrs. Leslie Forbes, science teacher, says, “I missed seeing the students so much since March 13th. The best part of being back truly is seeing the students each day, and hearing them say hello to me.”