Students weigh in on blended learning

Allison Harris, Staff Writer

Like many other schools, Dover Area High School has decided to offer blended learning due to the pandemic. Blended learning options include full time at school, full time at home, and 2 days in school/3 days at home. Students who choose to come to school the 2 days choose to come Mondays and Thursdays or Tuesdays and Fridays, depending on which fits their schedule better.

Some students did not feel safe coming to school 5 days, some wanted to sleep in, some wanted to stay home and deal with school in-person. When asked if they preferred online school or in school, students said they preferred online because they do not trust the school to enforce the rules nor the students to follow the rules. Multiple students said that the “no maskers,” and people who do not wear their mask properly also weighed a part in their decision on which schooling they preferred. Online/blended learning students expressed that they feel they are getting enough attention on Zoom, but often feel anxiety when asking questions virtually. A poll asked students if they like the school’s current  learning system, and students said they like the system Dover has but they wish the school had more organization and enforced the rules. The students who are full time in school were asked why they chose full time and the common responses were their parents chose for them, they wanted to see their friends, or they struggled with online. Another student’s response was they think the school is going to be shut down so they want to be here while they can.