Should we start sports?

Dominic Orwick, Staff Writer

Sports are fun and keep us in good health, but due to covid-19, all sports have been shut down. Many people have lost their last chance to play for their school because of this. 

My opinion on them closing all sports is I think that it is a good idea. I think it’s good because it is keeping everyone safe. They have also closed parks and playgrounds along with many other places. I think that they should have kept the parks open so you can get exercise and stay healthy. 

The government closed sports. I agree with that decision because there are multiple players on one court or field and this is not including the spectators. In the NBA, the NFL, and MLB they have hundreds or even thousands of people that are watching them and this is not safe with covid-19. It’s not safe because it is an airborne virus. The virus could be spread very fast if they would not have closed all sports, so I think that it was a good decision from the government. 

However, when they do reopen sports, I think they should have it limited. When they open, they continue with the players and coaches present, but there are no spectators. They could do this for a month or two then go back to normal so they can make sure that the virus is taken care of.

Many sports have been affected, for example the summer Olympics have been pushed back a year due to the covid-19 virus. This is all to keep people safe and healthy. Many people don’t see why they are closing sports, but I do agree with this decision. I hope they can soon reopen sports activities so people can get out of the house and do some physical activity.